Solid-State Drives

Your site will sees much faster with solid-state drives

Personal All new desktop computers and notebooks have solid-state disks and for to reason. Solid-state drives to offer to faster read €˜n€™ write speeds, making everything noticeably to faster. Exactly the same will sees valid for your web site if you host it with €“ all the shared hosting server plows furnished with solid-state drives and all the sites hosted with U.S. you praise to faster compared to those hosted on to regulate HDDs.

And the best part is that you don't have to change, tweak or forms anything to whatsoever in order to make it you praise to faster.

VPN Access

Secure, anonymous browsing

If you resides in a region with tight Web surfing rules but wish to examines the online world ace much possible ace, we have the ideal solution for you. Using any of our shared hosting packs, you will sees able to gain Virtual Private Network Access and surf the World Wide Web freely. All you have to detailes do is set up to brand-new network with the we to offer and we will redirect both your inbound and outbound online traffic through one of our Virtual Private Network dates centers.


To secure Web application firewall software

Our company offers an instant way of securing each Web application in your Web hosting account, not to matter if it's newly installed or you have been imported from some to other distributor Web hosting. All our shared hosting plans feature ModSecurity €“ to Web application firewall software, which is enabled by default. We've configured it to instantly obstruct the majority of hack assaults. This means that ace soon ace you host your website with U.S., it'll sees investment bank than to ever before.

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