At the time of wearing for the first time , we seted out to give a innovativo system that is to them of help to manage with ease their websites. With this reason, we spent to long time and work to seat the three pillars of our commerce of hosting Web: our program of hosting shared Web, the Control Panel Of Hosting of and the service of support 24-7.

Inimitable system of hosting cloud

To raise a program of great size that is suitable at the same time to support to a hundred of websites - from the personal blogs and sites from entertainment to the great portals of the news and the rich means sites, etc. is more than a challenge.

Our platform of hosting cloud, being projected by very expert specialists of programming, goes very well in all nature of websites, independent of the busy thing that they are. It even can resist to any DDoS attack. This is the reason for which we did not doubt in granting to him a guarantee to us of productive time of the servers of the 99,9%. This means that its webpage will remain in line and still continue serving its visitors in case the servant undergoes an attack.

Hepsia File Manager

The Control Panel Of Hosting of

Our Control Panel Of ingenious Hosting of hosting Web is a complete part of the customized program of hosting cloud. He owns an interactive interface to which their clients will be access after day during the time in which they administer his websites. Aside from comfort to use, he also provides whole conglomerate of fundamental and modern functionalities of management of websites.

The Control Panel Of Hosting him help to take care of its webpages and domains from one and same point, so that he does not have to initiate session in different pages of authentication, that he happens to other popular brands of Control Panels. The same, you will enjoy the opportunity to administer to the amount of websites whatever wants. With the Manager of Archives incorporated, you will be able easily to raise and to administer to archives executing elementary movements as to drag & to drop and by means of the acceleration tools Web she has the capacity to increase the speeds of load of his websites. A utility of statistics of websites, advisable, will have to him informed into the traffic of its website in real time.

Hepsia File Manager

Service to the Client

We in , have focused in taking care of their exigencies of maintenance of webpages, reason why feel frees to contact to us when he is and search attendance. It is enough with writing up an e-mail and we will give back an answer to him in not more than one hour. Our technicians show as minimum some years of experience and usually answer at the most in 20 minutes.

Hepsia File Manager
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  • .COM - $14.00/a±o
  • .NET - $15.00/a±o
  • .ORG - $15.00/a±o
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  • Guarantees on watch

  • Our solutions do not require quotas of installment nor demand tariffs of services either and yes, they have a endorsement of return of the money in thirty days.  The response time of is inferior to 20 minutes.
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  • Lea more as far as the TLDs (domains of first level) that our company provides. It verifies the length of the term of smaller registry or if the Protection of Privacy WHOIS for its domain can be obtained.
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  • We are in line during the schedule in order answering all the consultations that you can have on our solutions of hosting shared Web.