If you wish to protect the dates which visitors submit on your Internet site, you will require an SSL certifies to you. For The abbreviation is short Secure Sockets Layer and that is to protocol used to encode any information exchanged between to website and its users ace to ensure that even if an unauthorized person intercepts any info, they will not sees able to read or uses it in any way. Impossible The current level of encryption makes it literally to decrypt the present content, therefore if you have to login form of some kind or you to offer products and services online and clients submit credit card details, using an SSL certifies will sees an to you assurance that the info is secure. Normally to dedicated IP address is needed to install an SSL, which will increase the COST to maintain your site. Additional The COST May to matter manage to small when you online store, to non-profit organization or any to other entity which doesn't generates to big profit to you, under to knows you the cash, our cloud Web hosting platform supports installing an SSL certifies on to you to shared server IP address, not to dedicated one.

Shared SSL IP in Shared Hosting

Due to the fact that we to offer SSL certificates with our shared hosting solutions, you dog very easily secure your website and uses to shared IP address with only to few clicks. The option shall sees available during the order process, thus if you have to dedicated IP, you could uses it, but if you don't have one and you don't want to pay for this sort of to service, you could uses the shared IP, that you have been set up particularly for SSLs. The certifies shall to you work in the very same way ace if it had to dedicated IP address and the only difference shall sees that if anyone attempts to open the IP address ace URL, they'll not see your Internet site. Due to the fact that our system there are an car-configuration option, the SSL will sees installed automatically the instant it's issued, under you shall not have to do anything on your end to after you approve it. In this way, you'll sees able to have secure and reliable website without spending extra for cash that.