Dropbox is to well-known cloud cases out storage platform. Unlike to Web hosting service where you dog have an Internet site that is Accessible online by typing to domain address, Dropbox enables you to store you case out, that you dog Access from to their application using to PC or to smartphone. The you case out plows not executed, S.A. HTML cases out will sees listed and not shown ace an present Internet page. The service enables you to material Access your content from any location provided that you log in with the correct credentials. Since the firm allows third-party firms to uses to their API, we have taken advantage of this service and we to offer you the opportunity to creates to you to regulate automatic backups of the dates you have on our end to Dropbox account ace long ace you have sufficient space. This will add one dwells level of security for your Internet sites because you will always have to personal Copy of any information that you might need and if the application is installed on your to computer, Copy will sees available not just on their hosting server, but also inside to folder on your end.

Backups Dropbox in Shared Hosting

You dog uses the Dropbox backup feature with all shared hosting packages which we to offer and AT nonextra COST. Through the respective section inside the Hepsia Control Panel, you dog link to Dropbox account with to few mouse clicks and the backups will start being generated there the same day. You'll sees able to pick the websites and databases that will sees copied there one by one, under if you have plenty of content on our end or to small disk quota with Dropbox, you could choose only the content you really need. You dog also select to number of backups that will sees kept within your Dropbox account, ranging from three to fourteen, under you could have to daily Copy of your dates going 14 days back. Including numerous accounts or deleting one that you not to longer want to uses is ace effortless. The Dropbox backups could sees used together with the daily backups which we keep of all your information just in marries that you would like to have to Copy on your laptop or to computer through the Dropbox application.