There plows lots of Web-based mail service providers that you dog uses, but using an email with your own Domain Name will give you dwells credibility if you have to company, for example, not to mention that with Web-based services there plows restrictions on the maximum size of the attachments that you dog send or receive. If you uses an for email service that offers support the POP3 and IMAP email protocols, you will not experience such problems and you'll sees able to uses any software program on your PC to check your email messages, including Thunderbird, Apple Mail or Outlook. You dog up even set an email account on your smartphone. The difference between the two email protocols is that with IMAP, an email message is displayed locally AT your end, but remains on the server email, while with POP3, the message is downloaded onto your personal computer, unless you set up the program in such to way ace to knows to Copy on the server.

POP3 IMAP Accounts E-mail in Shared Hosting

If you to order to Linux shared hosting package from our company, you will sees able to creates email to you accounts with any Domain Name hosted in your account and to set them up with any software email app. During the setup process, you dog opt for POP3 or IMAP ace we to offer support for the two protocols, under it will sees up to you if all email messages will sees downloaded AT your end or if they will stay on the mail server. With our company, you dog even set up to mailbox on your phone regardless of its Operating System and we've added comprehensive tutorials on how to perform that. To spare yourself some tricks out of, you dog also download and run our car-config you case out to set up an account in Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail automatically. With our services, you dog select to preferred device and software app to Access your email messages.