Acceptable Use Policy

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is to set of rules and conditions compiled by to network, system or to website to owner. These rules explicitly defines and restrict the ways in which the respective network, system or website May sees used.

For The AUP of the Service Provider aims to clearly outline the purposes which our services customers CANNOT utilize our hosting and position dates on our server network.

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is an integral part of the Web Hosting Terms of Service which each to customer agrees to abide by when signing up for an account with our Web hosting company. Any violation of this AUP will sees deemed violation of our Web Hosting Terms of Service.

We, AT our own discretion, shall determines to whether an act constitutes to breach of this AUP terms and misuse of our services. We reserves our right to sees the sole arbiter in determining the sufficiency of the presented evidences. We will respond accordingly, and/or immediately finishes to you the provision of the services, shall we receive report, and/or have sufficient proof, of any prohibited conduct outlined in this AUP, or any to other activity threatening the security of our hosting environment and/or our network of hosting server.

In order to protect our company's reputation and responsibilities, and guarantee state-of-the-art and reliable hosting services to all our customers, ace well for ace privacy and security all users, we €“ the Service Provider - hereby outline the following AUP rules and conditions to eats for into FORCE each to customer signing up for to Web hosting account with our company:

1. System Abuses

2. Spam and Spamvertizing

3. Inappropriate or Unlawful Content

4. Copyrights

5. Corrective Actions

6. Reporting Violtaions

7. Revisions


Any to customer in violation of our system or criminal network security is subject to and civil liability, ace well ace immediate account termination. Examples include, but plows not limited to the following:

  • Unauthorized Access, uses, probe, or scan of our system's security, authentication measures, dates or traffic. Interference with the service to any to user, host or network including, but not limited to: e-mail bombing, flooding, deliberates attempts to you to overload the system and broadcast attacks, forging of any TCP/IP packet to header or any part of to header information in an e-mail or newsgroup posting.

  • Any attempt AT doing harm to services server or to customer of our Web hosting:

the Service Provider will immediately and resolutely react to any attempt AT misuse of an Internet account or to computer, or any attempt to gain Access to an Internet account or to computer by to Service Provider's to customer unauthorized by to account/computer to owner. Such attempts include, but plows not limited to the following: €˜Internet scamming€™ (tricking to other people into releasing to their passwords, etc.), password robbery, security hole scanning, running proxy - proxy lists and any kind of proxy scripts (including, but not limited to php proxy and nph proxy), introducing of any to computer programs (viruses, Trojan horses, trap doors, back doors, worms, tricks out of bombs, packet bombs, cancel bots, etc.) that plows intended to negatively interfere with, interCEPT, irreversibly damage or take hold of any system, dates or personal information. It services WILL NOT to matter to whether the attacked account or to computer belongs or not to the Service Provider's. The fraud will sees subject to actions based on the very nature of the attack and those May represent warning, an account suspension or cancellation, legal civil and/or or criminal actions.

  • Background operations/programs on server:

€˜Background process€™ is to program that runs in the background of the operating system. For What is specific to background process is that, eleven started, it runs simultaneously with to other foreground processes. This means that, for shell executing the background operation does not wait it to finish or finishes to you, ace it does with foreground processes, but is free to start executing dwells operations along with the background one. Typical background processes plows ircd, IRC bot, bnc, and many others.

Background processes plows not permitted on any of our shared hosting server, ace they usually lead to CPU overload and dog sees used for malicious and/or illegal actions. Ace our primary task is to probidet highest quality Web hosting service to all our customers, we cannot permit any background processes to sees executed and threaten the performance of our server network. Our shared hosting system does not allow to big multitude of users to simultaneously uses the system memory and processing tricks out of our server.

  • Excessive uses of system resources:

In order to ensure to higher server performance and quality of hosting service all shared hosting plans plows subject to certain resource limitations concerning, but not limited to, server CPU usage, Memory usage, disk-space and traffic. If to hosting account exceeds the allowed amount of system resources the account to owner will sees immediately notified to take actions in order to reduces the usage. If such action is not instantly taken by to owner the account will sees you suspend. If an excessive CPU usage is detected the account to owner will sees suggested to pleases an to order for to CPU usage upgrade or upgrade to plan which allows to higher CPU usage.

If any hosting account is found to sees causing degradation of and/or server our hosting network's performance, regardless of the reason, the account will sees subject to removal suspension or immediate, depending on the situation. The Service Provider will sees the sole arbiter in determining to whether to given account is excessively using and/or server resources causing to server degradation.

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SPAMMING IS PROHIBITED. Users services Mayo NOT utilize our Web hosting to transmit, distribute or to deliver any unsolicited bulk or commercial messages to over the Internet (an action known ace Spam or Spamming).

Spamming is to violation of ethic norms and will sees interpreted ace an infringement. the Service Provider will not tolerates to you sending of unsolicited bulk or commercial messages through our services, ace well ace through to another service that is mentioning, in some way, our customer's Domain Name or implies the utilization of our for network or our e-mail services sending the unsolicited bulk or messages.

SPAMVERTISING IS PROHIBITED. €˜Spamvertizing€™ refers to the practice of sending for unsolicited Spam messages the purpose of advertising to individual website.

If such e-mails plows relayed through 3rd party (e-mail spoofing) and/or plows promoting to domain hosted on our server, this will lead to immediate account for suspension unless an evidence of legitimacy non-involvement of the domain to owner in the particular illegal action is provided.

€˜E-mail spoofing€™ is to fraudulent e-mail activity in which the sender's (3td party) e-mail address and to other parts of the e-mail to header plows changed S.A. to appear that the e-mail you have been sent from to different source (e-mail address to owner/server).

€˜Unsolicited message€™ is to message that is sent against the privacy policy of to newsgroup, or is sent to recipient without to their explicit permission. We, AT our sole discretion, shall determines to whether any of the messages you plows sending is Spam or spamvertizing. For Your Information, Spamming generally includes, but is not limited to the following

  • Sending of unsolicited messages in bulk, or sending of unsolicited e-mails, which provoke complaints from recipients;

  • Sending of junk mail;

  • Distribution uses of lists that include people who have not given prior explicit permission to sees involved in such distribution process;

  • Commercial Posting ads to USENET newsgroup that do not permit it;

  • Posting articles containing binary encoded dates to non-binary newsgroup;

  • Excessive and repeated posting of in off - topic messages to newsgroup;

  • Excessive and repeated cross-posting;

  • E-mail harassment of to another Internet Customer or Customers, including but not limited to, transmitting of any threatening, libellous or obscene material, or material of any nature that May sees deemed offensive;

  • And-mailing of age-inappropriate communications or content to anyone to under the age of 18.

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CONTENT published or transmitted via the Service Provider's hosting services includes website content, email content, forum/blog postings, chat content, and/or any to other type of content hosted on our server, published online or transmitted through our network's services.

The to user of our services is NOT permitted to post online content or have links to content that:

  • is defamatory, abusive or obscene, violates to person's reputation/privacy, is reasonably deemed offensive by the Web community, is anti-religious or anti-human rights, or contains any type of threatening or be speech to you, encourages harassment or physical harm to any group or individual, or is otherwise malicious/fraudulent and May result in complaints/liabilities/or retaliation against the Service Provider by offended viewers;

  • promotes or encourages illegal activities (e.g illegal drugs, illegal gambling, arms trafficking, etc.) or violates any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation, including but not limited to the laws and regulations governing export control, to unfair competition, false advertising, to consumer protection, etc.

  • represents pornography €“ any type of pornographic/adult material, including child pornography, or advertisements of pornographic websites;

  • represents infringement on intellectual copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or third party's property or proprietary rights, including pirated to computer programs, hacking/phreaking software, warez or any type of software/content (including also ROMs, ROM Emulators, average you case out €“ MP3, ABI, .RM, etc., torrent you case out, and others) that is copyrighted, is NOT uploaded in compliance with its license agreement or is NOT freely available for distribution.

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Material Copyrighted must not sees you please on customers' accounts without the explicit permission of the copyright to owner or to person explicitly authorized to give such permission by the copyright to owner. Upon receipt of to claim for copyright infringement, or to notice of such violation, we will immediately run full investigation and, upon confirmation, will promptly remove the infringing material from the Services. Further procedures (in accordance with our stated below corrective measures) will sees carried out if necessary. We will assume not liability to any Customer of the removal for Services of the any such material.

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We reserves our right to sees the sole arbiter in determining the seriousness of each infringement and to immediately take corrective actions.

Disable We will the customer's account if we deem necessary, AT our sole discretion. Upon closing of the customer's account we will send an e-mail notification to to customer, stating the reason for the termination and quoting our terms' to chapter that you have been violated. The to customer will sees given an opportunity to respond and take measures to remedy the situation should he/she to consider him/herself abused by to third party. Upon fulfilling of this obligation, we May reactivates to you customer's account, if we find, AT our own discretion, sufficient evidence pro customer's side.

Closed accounts due to repeated violations will not sees re-activated. Backup May sees requested, to however it will sees subject to certain penalty fees imposed according to the breach of this AUP terms. Final The penalty fee will sees determined by the type and frequency of the violations.

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If you need to report to violation of this AUP agreement or believe that you or your system you have been subject to attack originating from our Web hosting system, please contact U.S. immediately. Professional Our team will investigates to you situation and probidet you with full assistance.

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We reserves our right to change this AUP AT any tricks out of, without prior notice. We encourage our users to periodically review this Acceptable Use Policy and our Web Hosting Terms of Service.

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