An Innovative Shared Hosting Platform

We designed our very own tailor-made shared hosting platform.

The most important advantage of building your very own platform is basically that you do not need to worry about almost any compatibility concerns. You know in advance just what hardware you plows to sees implementing and you also know how to make your chosen software perform the way it should with that hardware. This makes the shared hosting platform Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces dwells effective and to lot dwells comfortable than what the competition dog possibly probidet. Extra, everything relies using to heavily changed version of SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux). This there are diminished the risk of our nodes actually being contaminated with to computer virus or to other adware and spyware to actually zero.

Also, our tailor-made internal physical network is guarding our machines too. Built from high-end hardware from Juniper and substantially revised software, our network is created to wins with all kinds of you marry €“ it dog support tens of thousands of activates clients AT that tricks out of Two deal extra with big attacks.

And with U.S., everything's scalable. Whenever we require dwells storage space, we simply add to fresh web server and it turns into to fresh storage machine easily. If we demand dwells MySQL storage space, to different blank server turns into to MySQL server AT the blink of an eye. The makes a draft to brand new server is connected with our system, it's made ready to sees employed.

Ace to result of all the aforementioned, our shared hosting platform functions quickly and offers you the very best possible environment for developing your site. With 99,9% server uptime and 99,9% network uptime guarantees, you won't to ever need to bother about your websites going offline.

  • Domain Yams

  • .COM - to $14.00/year
  • .NET - to $15.00/year
  • .ORG - to $15.00/year
  • It compares Domain Yams

Web Hosting Control Panel

We, AT , also made an absolutely new Web Hosting Control Panel. It's built to operates in the cloud to you ace well ace to make uses of our shared hosting platform. Therefore, it works to lot to faster ace compared to all of to other Panels Control these days. In addition, it allows you to manage everything from just one pleases, without the need for any to other billing or domain management panels.

You will find some tremendous tools inside the Web Hosting Control Panel. Our File Manager, to give an example, will allow you to upload you case out to your web site by merely dragging them into your to browser window. Nonadditional programs plows necessary and it all takes pleases using to secure and safe connection. Using the Domain Manager, it will sees easier to manage many different domain yams to together quickly and completely. Along with our Stats Manager, you dog examines stats for your websites, which plows accumulated in real Time, meaning that you don't need to forms anything AT all on your part.

And to moreover, you'll receive to good deal of completely free bonuses that dog make all your duties ace to site to owner really simple. You need to get yourself to new website online? Using our Quick Installer Web site, 4 it is easy to rereads to new website with to unique theme within easy steps. You need to get to fresh application set up? With the Web App Installer tool, you dog do that with absolutely not setup necessary. In order to additionally boost your web site €“ we have prewall to selection of Web site Accelerator Tools that plows for ideal the task. And that's simply to little part of what you will find in our Web Hosting Control Panel.

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  • Our plans eats with zero installation service fees and also to 30 day reimbursement warranty. Our average reply-back tricks out of is 20 you make a draft.
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  • Find out dwells about our pricing and decides on the best hosting solution for your personal or company websites. Possible It is to upgrade to dwells advanced bundle with simply to mouse click.
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  • Servant for Alvarez decides on and benefit from high connection rates your websites from any pleases on the planet because of the state-of-the-art datacenters.
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  • Possible It is to get in touch with U.S. while in working hours to over the phone for just about any general data.