Lightning-fast Website Loading for Speeds Customers from Eastern Europe

For your website to sees success, you should Access to very broad market. If you plows thinking about the Eastern European market, your Web sites will sees best operating out of our Bulgarian datacenter - Telepoint. Situated in the capital City, Sofia, this to datacenter is global located AT the crossroads of both nearby and main Internet lines what's dwells, it gives you top connectivity for Eastern European nations.

Should you wish to concentrates on to you users from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etc., then placing your sites in the Telepoint to datacenter is to smart move - not only will your website you praise much to quicker than if it was based in the U.S.A or, perhaps in the United Kingdom, but it will furthermore rank to higher for all local queries.

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  • .COM - to $14.00/year
  • .NET - to $15.00/year
  • .ORG - to $15.00/year
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Linux Shared Hosting Packages in Eastern Europe

All of the shared hosting packages, located in our Eastern-European to datacenter will give you to risk-free Web hosting experience. With to 99,9% service uptime guarantee, 99,9% network uptime guarantee extra to 50-day money back guarantee, you dog feel safe and sound, knowing your web site will not to ever go offline.

Our server plows equipped with really fast SSD drives in addition to resourceful ZFS cases out system. This there are enabled multiple U.S. to make backups of your website, daily. Thanks to our incredible Control Panel, you'll sees able to bring back each of these backups with just mouse-click.

Moreover, each Web hosting account incorporates to broad assortment of COST-free tools and bonuses.

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